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Becky Hardman's latest news

  • We've got Christmas boxed off

    Helen Sestan and Ian Grant already in the festive spirit We have once again pulled a cracker with the unveiling of our festive programmes. Christmas and New Year are all wrapped up thanks to the dedication of our team of volunteers.
  • Raising Cash... And All That Jazz

    Becky Hardman (right) and pal Rachel ThomasA Radio Clatterbridge volunteer has helped raise hundreds of pounds for one of our favourite good causes. Becky Hardman organised a musical extravaganza in aid of The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity.
  • Turning Music Into Money

    The band (Credit: City Jazz Orchestra & Singers)A Radio Clatterbridge volunteer is hoping to turn music into money for another good cause. Becky Hardman is organising a night in aid of The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity.