Our small tribute to the big sound of Radio 1

Tony Blackburn (Credit: RV1864)Radio Clatterbridge has paid tribute to a young upstart in the world of broadcasting, as Radio 1 celebrated it's 50th anniversary.

Dave Williams' Light and Early programme played the same first three songs as the BBC station exactly half a century after they were first introduced by former pirate radio DJ Tony Blackburn.

The Move's 1967 hit Flowers In The Rain was the first tune.

That was followed up by the Bee Gees' Massachusetts and Even The Bad Times Are Good by The Tremeloes.

We have even remixed one of the original Radio 1 jingles for the occasion.

The BBC is celebrating fifty years of the first station dedicated to playing pop music that was officially licensed by the government.

The so-called pirates were previously the only stations to feature pop and rock bands, transmitting unofficial services from beyond the UK mainland often in boats moored several miles off-shore.

It is worth noting that Radio Clatterbridge was already a 16 years old by the time Radio 1 hit the airwaves.

We were playing our own mix of popular music albeit on a much smaller scale.

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