Steve Sings Again After Cancer

A Wirral singer has revealed how he's performing again after being treated for throat cancer in Clatterbridge.

Steve Khan told listeners how he was diagnosed just 18 months after giving up his career in the NHS to sing full-time.

Singer Steve Khan returns to Clatterbridge to say thank you

The 54 year old from Greasby told Coffee Club presenter Steve Evans how the decision was paying off but then he spotted a lump at the bottom of his throat.

He said he originally thought it was connected to his singing but a doctor made the diagnosis after a biopsy on Christmas Eve in 2013.

"When they said you're going to have the chemo and particularly the radiotherapy, that's when they said we can't guarantee that you're going to be able to sing again... It's like having your hands cut off if you're a guitarist." - Singer Steve Khan



Steve, who describes himself as a positive person, said he decided to go with the treatment at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

The father-of-two, who spent many years working in the NHS as a commissioning manager, said he was really impressed with the team at the Health Park.

"I don't understand why every hospital in the NHS doesn't work like Clatterbridge... I just love them all" - Singer Steve Khan

Steve was so desperate to return to singing that he even had a go before his stitches had been removed but decided to stop when he felt he was straining his vocal cords.

Thankfully, his voice has now returned after working with a speech and language therapist at Clatterbridge.

He shared a number of his favourite songs with listeners in a live session in the studio.

Steve told listeners how he thinks his voice dropped an octave since his treatment but that has opened up a range of songs to him which he wouldnt normally sing.

He has now started performing at nursing homes as he rehearses for bigger gigs and boasts about his new 80 year old girlfriends!


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