Steve helps celebrate cancer project's anniversary

Speakers at the event

Radio Clatterbridge chairman Steve Evans has helped celebrate the second anniversary of a scheme which supports local cancer patients.

More than ninety people attended the prestigious Living With And Beyond Cancer event at Liverpool Town Hall.

The station has broadcast a series of interviews over the last six months showcasing how the Clatterbridge-group is helping people.

Here is Steve’s report from the event:

It was a day filled full of recap and awareness sessions, culminating in reinforcing the core values and utilising the associated support groups, and onto next steps for the team now that they are established, and providing a valuable resource for Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and other like minded organisations such as at Aintree, Southport & Warrington.

During the day, Macmillan and Proability, along with other supporting associations had displays and advise on hand for those wanting further information. Plus, the awards for the top 5 images in the recent photography competition were given out at the end of the day with a well earned lunch provided for all who attended. It was great to see a number of my recent guests at the event.

Programme lead Melanie Zeiderman and the team welcomed everyone on arrival and were on hand to give advice. Alison Meehan and Hannah Randles updated the audience on the Enrichment Programme, which hopes to go from regional to national. Every aspect of the scheme was discussed from holistic needs, health and wellbeing and Macmillan support. Melanie explained that LWBC will now be receiving main stream NHS funding. Phase 2 and 3 will be a natural progression into 2017 and 2018 as discussed later in the day.

The event at Liverpool Town Hall


We were reminded that up to half of the room (47%) will possibly contract a cancer of some form by 2020. However, 40% of those can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle including diet a good exercise regime and generally leading an active life in moderation. Costs will rise by 9% per year and demand for services increasing by 7% a year, meaning it’s essential to look after you and be aware of the facts.

Helen Porter reinforced the events from the last 2 years. Tarique Rahman told us exercise is working. 25 cancer patient referrals to gyms over the past year, of which the majority are still active, and all admitting exercise is key, and does indeed focus the mind on positive thoughts, a healthier life and that in turn helps control cancer.

Over 90 people attended, including the Lord Mayor Roz Gladden, Helen Porter, Director of Nursing & Quality for The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and other guest speakers from other hospitals in the North West. Patient, Barry Jones, a singer, also shared his moving experience with us. Living Longer, Living Better is the message from LWBC Merseyside and Cheshire!

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