Everton FC legend Ian Snodin substitutes Graeme Sharp at carers launch

EFC great Ian Snodin with Steve EvansRadio Clatterbridge listeners heard how Everton FC legend Ian Snodin had to substitute Graeme Sharp at the launch of this year's Carer's Week.

The club ambassador replaced his pal at the event in the foyer of Arrowe Park Hospital.

It's the second year that Snods has helped promote the week and raise awareness of the role of carers.

In an interview with presenter Steve Evans, the former midfielder revealed how he has a number of pals who have given up jobs to care for parents and friends.

"The job that the carers do is quite simply fantastic. The time, the patience they've got and love they give to the patients is quite incredible." - Ian Snodin

Meanwhile, the Associate Director of Nursing at Wirral University Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has sent a message of support for workers at both Clatterbridge and Arrowe Park sites who care for loved ones at home.

Alison Quinn, whose own 80 year old mother cares for her brother,  told Steve that it's important staff remain healthy and positive.

"It's absolutely essential that we recognise healthcare professionals in the hospital also care for many people themselves while they're at home." - Alison Quinn

Ian Snodin, Wirral Mayor Cllr Ann McLachlan and Wirral University Teaching Hospital Chief Executive David Allison help launch Carers' Week

Listeners heard how 40,000 people - 12% of the population - are unpaid carers in Wirral but the council is aware of the identities of just 5,000 of those.

Carol Jones, carers lead at the local council, said it was important to launch the week at Arrowe Park because hospitals are often the place where people suddenly find themselves becoming carers overnight and might not fully understand the repercussions of the role.

"We want people to come forard and find support early so they know if anything happens where to go if things get tough." - Carol Jones

Wirral Council commissions WIRED (Wirral Information Resource for Equality & Diversity) to support carers in the community before they reach the stage of needing social care for further support.

WIRED has now also launched a new text service to help unpaid carers. You can text the word "carer" to 87007 for confidential advice and support.

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