Keeping Clatterbridge clean: Infection control to get regular radio feature

Senior infection control nurses Sue Deveney and Marie Bosworth with request collector Gaynor Bridges (left) and presenter Di GaskellRadio Clatterbridge has launched a new feature aimed at keeping infections reduced within Clatterbridge Hospital.

It will give updates and advice on the continuing commitment to protect patients, visitors and staff from avoidable infection.

Marie Bosworth, senior infection prevention and control nurse for Wirral Univeristy Teaching Hospitals, was the first guest to speak in the studio.

One of seven nurses in the team, she works closely with microbiologists, hotel services and estate departments to keep Clatterbridge clean.

"We try to make sure that the environment is clean and safe for our patients and reduce our patients becoming infected." - Marie Bosworth

The team encourages patients and visitors to use the gels in wards and to wash their hands before eating and after using toilets.

Staff are expected to follow the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene and challenge others if they notice hand hygiene has not been performed.

Marie told presenter Di Gaskell that they are also preparing for a potentially bad flu season by encouraging staff and high-risk patients to get vaccinated.

Here, Marie and colleague Eileen McCutcheon tell Di about the MRSA "superbug".

She heard how, although very common and generally harmless in day to day life, it poses a risk to life in hospitals where it can enter the bloodstream more easily.

Marie and Eileen explained the three steps they take to minimise MRSA outbreaks:

  • Screening - All new patients are screened for MRSA and any positive cases are admitted into isolation
  • Treatment - A simple nasal spray over a few days then re-screening is enough to clear up the infection before it becomes an issue
  • Prevention - Reinforcing the need for personal hygiene, cleanliness around the hospital and using Hibiscrub on the wards and the had gel on entering and leaving all parts of the hospital

The hospital has adopted an ambitious zero tollerance approach but the team has risen to the challenge.

They have reported just one case in the last 12 months which was quickly brought under control.

Their message was, as ever, do the basics brilliantly and above all wash your hands!

The feature is broadcast every six weeks on the Wednesday Coffee Club.

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