Frank Carroll

Frank Carroll

Frank Carroll is Radio Clatterbridge's Mr Entertainment.

He is, first and foremost, a performer. Whether it's broadcasting or singing, audiences love his performance.

He joined Radio Clatterbridge when he retired from work. As a rep for a pharmaceutical company, Frank is no stranger to working with local doctors and nurses.

Making music is his hobby though. He has played with a number of groups and trios in the clubs and now performs mainly at care homes.

"Years ago when I used to sing Beatles songs older people thought they they where too young for them. I still do Beatles songs but they have all caught up with me! They know all the words and sing along with glee."

In fact, Frank nearly went to perform in Germany just after the Fab Four's time in Hamburg. It was his marriage to wife Lil that kept him in Liverpool.

The pair got married in 1968 and moved to Wirral in 1981. They have three children and seven grandchildren meaning life at home is never dull!

Maybe it's their influence which keeps him enjoying everything from classical music to One Direction.

Frank still enjoys performing live and loves an impromptu reaction from the audience.

"That's one reason why I don't use backing tapes. I try to respond to what the audience wants and get them all to join in!"