Text Therapy (Wirral News)

Text Therapy (Wirral News) The Wirral News wrote: "Relatives and friends of patients at Clatterbridge Hospital now have a new way of showing they're thinking of their loved ones. From today, people can send a text message to Radio Clatterbridge to ask for a message, dedication or request for any listener in the hospital. This is in addition to the existing ward visitors, website and internal telephone service through which patients and visitors can get in touch with the station. And it's hoped the facility could even raise money for the charity. Radio Clatterbridge's webmaster, Andy Bonner, has been working on the project for the last few months. 'Technology plays such an important role in our daily lives that a mobile facilit seemed a natural progression for our service,' said Andy. 'Although mobiles are not encouraged on the wards, they will now provide a vital link between a patient and their loved ones.' Radio Clatterbridge chairman Mike Eveleigh added, 'The text service is another way in which we can make sure that our output is completely focused on what patients want to hear. We already play hundreds of request every year and this is a fantastic way of using technology to ensure our broadcasts are relevant to our audience'."