Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Captivating Corrie Crash

The exciting events on Coronation Street have captivated millions of TV viewers this week, but two friends of Radio Clatterbridge were watching the events in Weatherfield particularly closely. Clatterbridge Coffee Club presenter Elaine Leaning was able to watch her husband take part in the live episode of the soap last night. Actor Simon Smithies played a fireman who was sent in to try to rescue trapped mum Molly Dobbs. Elaine says she was relieved to see that he didn’t fluff his lines! Meanwhile, former Radio Clatterbridge presenter Gareth Philips was also watching Corrie with added interest. Gareth works on rival soap Hollyoaks but was previously a Series Editor on the Street, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Gareth told us “It’s great to be have played a big part in a programme which means so much to so many.”