Rev Sheila Prest

Sheila’s Holy Trinity

Radio Clatterbridge today welcomed a minister of not one but three churches to the studios.

Rev Sheila Prest joined Phil Rostance for the Coffee Club to talk about Ash Wednesday, Lent and a range of other topics.

Sheila is the Minister for methodist churches in Lower Bebington, Higher Bebington and Prenton.

A former PE teacher, she also spoke in depth about her calling to serve God when she was aged 40, after being diagnosed with the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome known as ME.

Sheila said, “I would like to thank Radio Clatterbridge for inviting me along to talk to patients on a range of church related issues in the run-up to Lent. It’s good to discuss these topics as Lent is almost upon us and Easter soon approaching – it’s good and to get the word out. The show with Phil was great fun and I enjoyed the music too!”

If anyone would like to contact Rev Prest, please telephone 0151 644 6288 or email: