Steve Lord at the start of the 2012 Wirral Egg Run

We Finally Crack The Egg Run

The 32nd Wirral Egg Run took place today and, for the first time, Radio Clatterbridge went along for the ride.

While we have been covering the charity fundraiser for years as it blossomed into a massive event, we have never been able to travel with the bikers to Clatterbridge all the way from New Brighton.

All that changed today when presenter Steve Lord joined the procession thanks to his very own Radio Clatterbridge Scooter!

Steve was able to report back to the studio from the start and along the route.

Back at Clatterbridge, Liam Phoenix met some of the 12,000 riders as they arrived at their destination.

The whole thing was relayed via loudspeaker to the leather-clad visitors.

Thanks also to Dave Harvey and Graeme White for hosting the rest of the output and keeping our special programmes on air.