Stan Boardman in the studio

Stan Boardman Nearly Thrown Off Air

Stan Boardman caused chaos when he dropped in to Radio Clatterbridge… and nearly got banned from the airwaves in the process.

The Liverpudlian comedian virtually took over the studio as he plugged his new musical.

But it was a story about a television interview that nearly got him thrown off air.

I did a World Cup song, The German’s Bombed Our Chippy. I was on the Des O’Connor Show and got thrown off for doing a joke about a German aeroplane… The Fokker Wolf. With the Liverpool accent they all got a bit annoyed about it down in London. They thought I was swearing!

Meanwhile WAG – A Musical will premiere at Liverpool’s Unity Theatre next month. Stan told listeners how the production came about… and virtually gave the whole story away!

Stan Boardman takes to the mic

Stan also revealed how his show celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Comedians at the Floral Pavillion has sold out. The production will include archive of the original TV series.

And he had a message for the patients at Clatterbridge:

You’ve got to keep your sense of humour. It’s very hard to do but we try to raise the spirits of people in hospital. Keep your spirits up and that will get you through. Keep your mind off it. That’s the main thing.