Dave gets his award from Wirral Mayor Cllr Gerry Ellis (Credit: Becky Williams)

Dave’s Mayoral Honour

Radio Clatterbridge stalwart Dave Williams has received a Long Service Award for his other passion in life – teaching.

The Light and Early presenter picked up his certificate from the Mayor of Wirral, Councillor Gerry Ellis.

Dave began volunteering at Radio Clatterbridge at exactly the same time as he started teaching – in September 1973. He moved to Weatherhead High School nine years later and remained there until he retired last December.

Dave was the last teacher to pick up his award at Wallasey Town Hall by virtue of his 38 years of service. It’s believed he taught maths to around 6,000 pupils over the years.

“I consider myself very fortunate to have enjoyed such a long and happy time in the teaching profession.” – Dave Williams

Dave is now spending his time pursuing his interest in broadcasting and can still be heard on Radio Clatterbridge every morning!