Steve Evans wearing his LFC tie

Steve’s Day In Westminster

Radio Clatterbridge presenter Steve Evans joined the House of Lords for the day as an ambassador for disabled sport supporters.

The Saturday Sequence host visited Parliament as a representative of Liverpool Football Club.

Steve was attending the AGM of the charity Level Playing Field as a member of LFC’s Disabled Supporters’ Association.

The meeting was opened by Lord Richard Rosser of Ickenham and closed by Lord Richard Faulkner of Worcester.

Steve says he enjoyed his trip to Westminster – but found the high security almost too much of a revelation.

“Police are spread all over, armed with machine guns. You are escorted everywhere in the building, even up and down the lift. The exception being going to the toilet!” – Steve Evans

Steve’s trip home was eventful; catching a cold, smashing his glasses and standing on his hearing aid in the process. And as if that wasn’t enough, the battery on his mobility scooter went flat before he could reach his car.

In the end, Steve completed a long 14 hour day for his two hour meeting. But he says his visit to the capital was well worth the effort.