Wirral Mayor Gerry Ellis in the studio

Chains Of Command

Radio Clatterbridge hosted the most important man in Wirral at the weekend.

The Mayor popped in to chat to patients about his role – and that of his namesake across the water.

Councillor Gerry Ellis told Dave Harvey about the difference between his role as the civic leader of the borough compared to the role of the elected mayors that are now in London and Liverpool.

He talked about his attire and the history of the Wirral Mayoral chain being made up from the chains of the previous districts of the Wirral. The main piece of the chain is from the old Wallasey chain as it has a large ‘W’.

The Mayor of Wirral also talked about how busy his first month has been, meeting the Queen, welcoming the Olympic Torch and being invited to Buckingham Palace.

He talked about his hopes for the coming year and the charities that he is supporting which are YMCA, Scouts & Guides plus Prostate Cancer.

Cllr Ellis recently honoured presenter Dave Williams with a long service award after 38 years in teaching.