Alyson Peterson with baby Benjamin

Alyson’s BBC Baby

Radio Clatterbridge presenter Alyson Peterson bared all on the BBC this week, when the TV programme filmed her shortly after giving birth!

Alyson appeared in the BBC Two programme The Midwives which was filmed at Wirral Women’s and Children’s Hospital at Arrowe Park earlier this year.

The cameras followed the 24 year old and her partner Ray following a long and traumatic labour.

Alyson was shown struggling to summon up enough strength to pick up baby Benjamin because of an iron deficiency.

I feel really frustrated because I can’t do much with him because I’m so exhausted and after all the pain and pain relief and the epidural I can’t walk much so it’s just frustrating to watch everyone else get to feed him and carry him and be able  to hold the weight of him and I can’t. – Alyson Peterson on BBC Two’s The Midwives

Viewers saw Alyson eventually agree to a transfusion and leave the hospital in full health.

Alyson left Radio Clatterbridge to have Benjamin but hopes to return to the airwaves later this year.

You can watch the full programme on the BBC iPlayer until 11th September.