Tina Turner

Tina’s The Best

Tina Turner has proved she’s still The Best… more than 23 years after releasing her most famous record.

The American singer has become a hit with listeners of Radio Clatterbridge after the station totted up its most wanted tunes of 2012.

The Best finally reached the top spot after more than five years bouncing around the list.

Revealed on air this afternoon, the Top 30 Request Chart has some surprising developments which give a unique insight into the Radio Clatterbridge audience.

Former chart-topper Robbie Williams does not feature in this year’s chart at all.

There is a strong female presence on the countdown.

Only twelve songs in the Top 30 charted last year.

The Killers’ Human, which was released in 2009 but has never featured in the chart, rockets straight in at No 4.

Radio Clatterbridge played more than 1400 requests over the last twelve months.

While Tina Turner takes the crown for most wanted single, Adele is the most popular artist when all songs are combined.

Luciano Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma tops the Classical and Operatic chart.