Molly Sharp at the microphone

Molly Finds Her Voice

Radio Clatterbridge has given a young singer the chance to find her voice again after she refused to sign a record deal following an appearance on national TV.

Molly Sharp was offered a contract after performing on BBC One’s The Voice UK.

However Molly, 18, refused to sign saying it “took her whole life away”.

The singer revealed all to presenter Steve Evans on this morning’s edition of the Coffee Club.

Molly is protege of The Caffreys‘ lead singer Phil Caffrey. He told Steve how he helps to nurture future talent and is already seeing success.

“I first met Phil through some friends at school… He taught me how to play guitar properly so I owe him that. He just put me in a few of his shows because he thought I had potential.” – Singer Molly Sharp

The Caffreys were known as Arbre in the 1970s and were hailed as Britain’s answer to the Eagles.

The band’s current album, What Took You So Long, was released after a lengthy illness which prevented Phil from recording – hence the title!

Phil Caffrey performs exclusively for Radio Clatterbridge

The Caffs have performed with Chris Rea, Lindisfarne and Elkie Brooks while Phil has backed the likes of Saxon and Jimmy Nail.

He recollected one of the band’s earliest performances – at their school in December 1964.

“We entertained the whole school for half an hour. I was on drums. We all sang. What’s incredible was there wasn’t a teacher in the room… We were singing songs like Barry McGuire’s Eve of Destruction!” – Singer Phil Caffrey

Listeners heard an exclusive recording of both Molly and Phil singing, ahead of The Caffreys’ next gig at Newcastle’s Heaton Festival this coming weekend.

Molly remains unsigned for now but we are sure she will be snapped up soon.