The Huyton Poet on stage (Credit: Ian Kenyon)

Waxing Lyrical

Listeners to Monday’s Coffee Club are already used to a certain amount of humour and rhyme thanks to presenter John Roberts’ love of poetry.

But regulars had a special treat this week, when a guest treated them to his own unique form of entertainment.

Ian Kenyon, AKA The Huyton Poet, is a stand-up comic who combines comedy and poetry into his routines.

He shared some of his wise words from the Radio Clatterbridge studio to brighten the day, much to the amusement of everyone.

“We had several messages  from the wards and staff about how much they appreciated the talent that Ian shared with us on the day.” – Presenter John Roberts

Special mention must go to co-presenter Paul Allt, who prepared and read the weather as a poem!

The fact that the forecast was totally different from the poem is irrelevant…

Ian later took to Twitter to describe the whole experience as “inspirational.”

We look forward to welcoming him back again soon.