Katherine Fagan in the studios

A Song For Success

Radio Clatterbridge listeners have been hearing how music can play an important role in being successful.

“Success coach” Katherine Fagan turned the Coffee Club into a place for positivity when she popped in to the studios.

Katherine, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming expert, is able to analyse the reasons for success and failure.

She told presenter Phil Rostance how to overcome a lack of self-confidence and the importance music can play in our lives.

Katherine also gave advice to women on returning to the workplace after having children, setting up your own business and generally being the best you can be.

She, who gives advice on a one to one basis, in groups, over the telephone or via the internet, also specialises in Rapid Induction Therapy which helps people to get the lives they want.

“I help people to feel better about themselves, their lives, their jobs and their relationships. If you want to feel better, feel more, see more and do more, get in touch. It’s so much easier than you think!” – Katherine Fagan, success coach

Katherine runs Red Delicious, a success-coaching service for women which encourages and nurtures entrepreneurs.

She told listeners how she’s also planning to launch an academy aimed at young women aged between 16 and 25.