A concept design of the new centre in Liverpool

Transforming Cancer Care?

Patients at Clatterbridge have heard about proposals to expand cancer services on Merseyside.

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre wants to expand to a site in Liverpool while keeping and refurbishing its current Wirral facility.

Presenter Phil Rostance interviewed project director Fiona Jones about a public consultation over the proposals.

Coffee Club listeners heard that the Transforming Cancer Care plan includes a £118m investment in developing a new specialist cancer hospital on the same site as the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and the University of Liverpool.

Fiona Jones from The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

The Trust says the new hospital would allow it to provide even better care because it would have on-site access to intensive care and other key specialties such as cardiology for the most complex and seriously unwell patients.

“The new hospital would provide on-site access for our inpatients to intensive care and other key specialties, which we don’t have at Wirral.” – Fiona Jones, Project Director

The Trust says about 63% of its current patients live closer to the Royal Liverpool site than the Wirral.

Under the proposals, inpatient beds, the teenage and young adult unit and the most complex care would move from Wirral to the new hospital in Liverpool.

The proposed Winter Garden at the new hospital

The Wirral site would continue to provide the majority of its current services and it’s expected that around 90% of Wirral and West Cheshire patient attendances could continue to take place there.

Radiotherapy would be available on three sites – Aintree, central Liverpool and Wirral – providing more choice to patients.

The public consultation ends on Sunday 19th October 2014.