Mark Bowness

Mark’s Island Of Dreams

A former Radio Clatterbridge volunteer has rented a remote Fijian island in a vow to change lives.

Now a life coach, Mark Bowness is promising to whisk six lucky individuals away and turn their dreams into reality.

Mark, who grew up in Hoylake, has leased the remote Vorovoro and launched a global search to find the six people who most deserve to be flown to the island and have their dreams come true.

More than 600 hopefuls, including 250 from the UK, have already applied for the opportunity. Thousands more are expected to follow suit.

The eventual winners will have business or charity plans which will have a transformative effect on their home communities.

Mark’s island of dreams

Their prize, worth £100,000, will include an island boot camp and intensive life and business coaching with all the tools they will need to turn their dreams into fully fledged realities.

For more details, visit the This Is Yor Life Change website.