Amy Lomax runs towards her century

Amy’s Running Streak

A charity runner found time to stop for coffee as she reaches the final part of her quest to run 1,000 miles over 100 consecutive days.

Amy Lomax is raising money for a number of good causes including The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity.

The marathon runner raced into the studio just long enough to tell Coffee Club presenter Steve Evans all about her crusade.

She explained how she took on the challenge in honour of her Aunty Ursula who is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment at the Health Park.

“She’s such a positive person. I just wanted to do something so that she knew I was thinking about her.” – Amy Lomax, fundraiser

Listeners heard how Amy agreed to run for at least 5km every day from 2nd May to 9th August.

Her runs are recorded by GPS and recorded in her blog to ensure she plays by the rules and doesn’t stay in bed!

Amy, who has run in London, Lancashire and Yorkshire, is also raising money for Macmillan and Liverpool’s Jospice.

You can visit Amy’s fundraising site to make a donation.

Amy Lomax in the Radio Clatterbridge studio
Amy Lomax in the Radio Clatterbridge studio

While Amy still has a few weeks to go with her running, she has just crossed the finish line in another personal quest.

We congratulate her for just completing her postgraduate course at university in Leeds.