The RMS Titanic

Ken’s Titanic Story

Coffee Club listeners heard a Titanic story when a historian recounted the fateful events which led to the sinking of the largest moving man-made object in the world.

Ken Pye visited the Radio Clatterbridge studio to explain why RMS Titanic was such a special ship – and what went wrong.

He told presenter Phil Rostance all about the background before the ‘practically unsinkable’ cruise liner hit an iceberg 103 years ago.

Ken also explained the local links to the Liverpool-registered ship, which was due to visit the city before plans were changed prior to its maiden voyage.

“Titanic never came to Liverpool. It was due to come up here but for some reason or other that was all changed and it actually set off from Southampton.” – Historian Ken Pye

Sadly, more than 1,500 perished on the night of 14th Apri, 1912.

There was a catalogue of errors which led to the 882-ft long, 52,310-ton White Star Line ship sinking in the early hours after hitting a huge iceberg.

Ken Pye in the studio
Ken Pye in the studio

The cost of a first class ticket on Titanic in today’s money would be about £65,000.

Of the 109 children, 52 were lost (all from third class). From the first class, 199 of 329 survived. From the 285 second class, 199 survived and from the third class only 174 of the 710 survived and only 214 of a 899-strong crew survived.

From 2,223 on board, just 706 were eventually collected by RMS Carpathia and were taken safely to Pier 45 of New York Harbour on 18th April 1912 at 8.50am.

“This was a fascinating interview with Ken. The facts and knowledge he displayed were incredible and the insight he gave was enjoyable to hear on what was a horrible and sad ending for so many people all those years ago.” – Presenter Phil Rostance

For more information about Ken, please go to the Discover Liverpool website.