Charlotte Love and Steve Jones from ARCH Initiatives

Helping People – And The NHS

The boss of a Clatterbridge-based charity has been talking about its plan to help stop the drain on NHS resources.

ARCH Initiatives provides advice, information and counselling for drug and alcohol users, their families and those affected by substance misuse.

In an interview on Radio Clatterbridge’s Coffee Club, Chief Executive Officer Steve Jones explained how the organisation aims to get to people before they end up in hospital.

He told listeners how there have been more than 4,000 annual alcohol admissions locally which creates a huge burden on the NHS.

But Mr Jones said the best way to prevent this is to tackle abuse early on in the community.

The charity works with other support services in the community and even has a residential treatment centre at Birchwood, Oxton.

He revealed that alcohol is creating real issues in Britain because it is a cheaper, socially acceptable and legal drug.

“Alcohol is becoming a fast-growing problem in the UK. We are seeing less and less people who use drugs and more people who are struggling with alcohol.” – Steve Jones, ARCH Initiatives

ARCH Initiatives began life in Wirral over 30 years ago and has now grown to cover areas from north Wales to Bradford.

The charity, which has a good relationship with Wirral University Teaching Hospital, moved into Clatterbridge a year ago to enable it to expand its administration services.

Presenter Steve Evans heard how the organisation is doing a lot of work with employers in an attempt to help people who are showing early signs of drug or alcohol use and to keep them in work.

ARCH, which stands for Advice, Rehabilitation, Counselling and Health, supports others to get a job and become active in their family and in society again.

“Alcohol can be life or death with some people. Its really important that you get in early… and to try to get people the right help, the right support and to help them to sustain that.” – Steve Jones, ARCH Initiatives

The charity also provides a catering service.

Cedar & Salt aims to give its staff and volunteers the chance to feel good about themselves by learning a new skill.

For more details about ARCH, email or call 0151 482 7160. The charity is also on Facebook and Twitter.