Author Joyce M Lovely with a gas mask

Listeners’ Lovely Day With Author

Radio Clatterbridge listeners had a Lovely day when an author returned from America to talk about her new book.

Joyce M Lovely, a former patient at Clatterbridge, flew over from Maine to recall growing up in Liverpool during the war years.

Ice Cream, Gas Masks and God is a 284-page account of her experience as a young girl in the 1940s.

She talked to presenter Phil Rostance in detail about the bombings and how about 2,000 people perished in just one week during 1941.

Joyce was able to recall memories from as early as 2 years of age and also had the help of a clairvoyant whose readings all eventually came true!

“Joyce was Lovely by name and lovely by nature! I could not believe the level of detail she remembered – some of it harrowing. It was a truly fascinating chat.” – Phil Rostance, presenter

Coffee Club listeners heard how Joyce’s father worked in the fire brigade so her memories of the war action and devastation were all first hand.

Joyce after the interview
Joyce after the interview

Phil’s review of the book

The book is a beautifully drawn portrait of the place and its people.

From Calder High School Joyce went on to work at the Eagle Star Insurance Company and the office of the Dunlop Rubber Factory.

Missing out on being one of the first to see The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club (because she didn’t fancy the sound of them from her sister’s description) she moved to London to study Nursing at St Bartholomew’s.

Marriage took her on to the Shetland Islands – where life as a parson’s wife meant that prayer was sometimes relied upon to provide dinner – and then to the West Riding of Yorkshire, before finally settling in Maine, USA.

A natural storyteller, Joyce’s recollections of people, places and events are effortlessly recounted.

From the exotic neighbour who had been in the German Resistance – but whose priority was now pudding – to her splendid Spirella Corsetier grandmother.

Her book is a humorous and warm personal history, rich in colour and detail account of the war years in Liverpool.

Copies are available from Amazon.