Pauline Daniels in the Radio Clatterbridge studio

Comedian Pauline Daniels tells listeners about breast cancer fight

Wirral-born comedian Pauline Daniels has shared her story about surviving breast cancer with patients in Clatterbridge.

The actress and comic, who was treated at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, returned to the health park to appear on our 20-hour programme marking breast cancer awareness month.

Pauline, who starred in The Comedians, Bread and Liverpool 1, gave presenters Ian Grant and Helen Sestan a frank account of her battle with the disease.

She told listeners how she was diagnosed in October 2013 after discovering a lump in her breast.

However, she ended up needing two operations when doctors realised that her tumour was worse than they had previously thought.

Pauline told listeners she’s doing what she can to raise money for a new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Liverpool and a new breast unit at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

“I get really angry that we have to raise £10m to raise our own hospital but we want a hospital that’s world-excellent so it’s important.” – Comedian Pauline Daniels

Pauline, who bravely chose not to have chemotherapy because of work commitments, said she was upset by the amount of young people dealing with cancer.

However, she praised the level of care that cancer patients receive in Clatterbridge.

“I am lucky. I’ve come out of the other side and I’m fine… As long as I’ve got breath in my body I will carry on banging on about how important a mammogram is and how important it is to check yourself.” – Comedian Pauline Daniels