Mike Clinton from Living With And Beyond Cancer

Why rest isn’t best for cancer patients

Radio Clatterbridge’s series of interviews about patients living with and beyond cancer has continued with advice about getting active.

Listeners heard how experts in the health park are trying to change the attitude that rest is best.

Mike Clinton specialises in health and wellbeing at Living With And Beyond Cancer, the Clatterbridge-based support project.

He came into the studio to tell listeners to the Coffee Club that it’s ok to be active when going through the cancer journey.

Mike told presenter Steve Evans how they help tailor activities for each patient to get them to sit less during their recovery and do more.

He explained how it can be anything from doing the housework to running a marathon!

“Anything that’s going to get you moving more, getting your heartrate up a bit more will help you get fitter and get healthier. You feel better for doing it.” – Mike Clinton, Living With And Beyond Cancer

The new concept, which is currently half way through its two year pilot, is a support network for patients at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre during treatment and through to their recovery.

The project has been holding Walking Health sessions each week since June and will be appearing at a Health and Wellbeing event on 1st December 2016.

Visit the scheme’s website for more information.

The series of interviews will conclude before Christmas.