Mr Tee's cup of tea

We screamed for ice cream and got Mr Tee – King of Desserts

Radio Clatterbridge listeners were left licking their lips after an ice cream man came into the studio to reveal some of his secrets.

Mr Tee King Of Desserts has become something of a local phenomenon after setting up business three years ago.

People have been known to queue for more than two and a half hours to buy one of his 65 creative desserts.

“I changed career from a takeaway to an ice cream man. I’ve always implemented fresh ideas to my business.” – Mr Tee

Coffee Club presenter Ian Grant invited Mr Tee into the studio to ask him to attend an ’80s night he is organising in aid of Wirral Hospice St John’s.

The disco, at the OC Bar in Bromborough on 1 July 2017, includes a pop quiz, bingo and raffle.

Long queues for ice creams from Mr Tee in Bromborough
Long queues for ice creams from Mr Tee in Bromborough

So far, Mr T has put a smile on the face of hospital patients, homeless people and the elderly by giving away free desserts.

The ice cream man told listeners how he finds it satisfying showing his appreciation by giving something back to the community.

Sweet-toothed Ian was left salivating at the microphone as Mr Tee described some of his most popular desserts, including Bubblegum Bonanza and Cookie Dough, and revealed how he is now working on a new dish with Jaffa Cakes.

The ice cream man told listeners that all of the ideas are his – and he usually thinks them up in bed, much to the annoyance of his wife!

“Everybody’s raving about them everywhere I go… We very rarely get a bad comment.” – Mr Tee

News of his daily location across Wirral and South Cheshire spreads like wildfire on Facebook where he’s gained tens of thousands of followers.

Mr Tee also confirmed the ice cream lover’s long held belief that Flakes have shrunk. He revealed they now have to put two in a tray!

  • The fundraising event gets underway on 1 July 2017 at 7.30pm and tickets are £10.