Kelly McWha and David Maguire from WIRED

Looking ahead to Carers’ Week

An Everton legend, a choir and narrowboat are all part of a special series of events taking place in Wirral to mark Carers’ Week.

Radio Clatterbridge listeners heard how Graeme Sharp will be helping launch the week at Wirral Hospitals.

Kelly McWha and David Maguire from WIRED (Wirral Information Resource for Equality & Diversity) appeared on the Coffee Club with presenter Steve Evans.

The charity helps family members who look after loved ones, enabling them to live at home and be part of the community.

Around 40,000 people in Wirral from all different age-groups and backgrounds undertake unpaid caring duties.

Kelly explained how she visits wards in Clatterbridge and Arrowe Park Hospital to identify people who may not realise they are carers and to offer support.

“It’s about recognising the value in carers, highlighting the things that carers do and the contribution they make to the community.” – Kelly McWha

This year’s Carers’ Week begins on Monday 12th June in the foyer of Arrowe Park Hospital.

There will be craft shops throughout the week, narrowboat trips and even a Chorus For Carers event at Wallasey Town Hall on Thursday 15th June.

The Birkenhead-based organisation offers a range of care and support services throughout the year both face-to-face and over the phone.

Listeners heard how they will soon be able to use a text number to get help.

“If you know someone who’s a carer, let people know that there’s support out there.” – David Maguire

For more information, visit the WIRED website or call 0151 670 0777.