Frank Carroll, Steve Evans and Heather Smith at the lunch

Vote of thanks for hospital volunteers

Clatterbridge Hospital bosses have paid tribute to members of Radio Clatterbridge for their continued help in entertaining and informing patients and staff.

They were invited to a special event to say thank you to all of the volunteers who regularly give up their time for the greater good of the hospital.

They joined about 150 people from a wide range of charities and organisations for lunch at Thornton Hall Hotel at the invitation of Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Trust chairman Michael Carr thanked the volunteers for their continuing hard work before guests enjoyed live music from local singer Calli.

Singer Calli entertains the volunteers
Singer Calli entertains the volunteers

The Good Samaritans also heard votes of thanks from various hospital workers.

“The volunteers do an unbelievable job for this organisation in a time when we are under so many different pressures. They are the guardian angels for all the staff and they lighten up everyone’s day.” –  Mike, apprentice clerical assistant

“Thanks for all the hard work, support and dedication. Patients experiences are made greater with your help.” – Safeguarding team

“They do a fantastic job here. They are a major asset to the NHS for the work they do and should be recognised more for what they do.” – John, receptionist

Amongst the volunteers from Radio Clatterbridge was Heather Smith, who was at the annual event for the first time, despite volunteering at both Clatterbridge and Arrowe Park Hospitals.

“It was a pleasure to attend. A really enjoyable afternoon and it felt nice to be thanked.” – Heather Smith

Heather was joined by other presenters and ward visitors including Ian Grant, Helen Sestan, Frank Carroll, Gaynor Bridges and chairman Steve Evans.

Heather, Ian, Frank and Heather enjoy the music
Heather, Ian, Frank and Heather enjoy the music

The volunteers were also invited to take part in a hilarious round of stand-up bingo.

They also took part in a raffle, much to the delight of Frank Carroll who went home with a bottle of Baileys tucked under his arm!