Charlie Landsborough with presenter Geoff Peters

Charlie Landsborough returns to Radio Clatterbridge

Country and folk singer Charlie Landsborough has made a welcome return to the Radio Clatterbridge airwaves.

The 76 year old, who grew up in Birkenhead, called in to the studio nearly two decades since his first appearance.

Charlie began his professional career in the 1970s but it wasn’t until 1994 when he found success with his song What Colour Is The Wind?

He told listeners how the title for the song came about.

“A blind child was overheard saying those very words to their father. I thought isn’t that beautiful. So poignant.” – Charlie Landsborough

Charlie has just returned from a tour of Ireland where he originally got his break.

The youngest of 11 children, he explained how he spent his early years in a house full of music with his father singing and brothers playing guitars.

He also told Coffee Club presenter Geoff Peters all about his missed opportunities to make it before finally hitting the big time.

The singer-songwriter remains one of the UK’s top country music acts and has fans in Ireland, New Zealand and Australia where he will be touring later this year.

Charlie will also be taking part in a fundraising event with Ricky Tomlinson and Sean Styles at the Gladstone Theatre in Port Sunlight on Tuesday 27th March 2018.