Anne Torkington, Dawn Miller and Lucy Holmes from Macmillan

Exercise benefits cancer patients in Wirral

The importance of exercise has been highlighted to Radio Clatterbridge listeners who are recovering from cancer.

Patients in the health park heard how they can aid their recovery by being physically active.

Lucy Holmes, community wellbeing project manager for Macmillan, spoke about the benefits in a special interview alongside colleagues Dawn Miller and Anne Torkington.

Listeners to the Coffee Club heard how 1 in 2 people are now expected to be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives although advances in treatment and care means that many are living beyond cancer.

The community wellbeing pilot scheme is a partnership between Macmillan, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust and Wirral Leisure Services.

It is aimed at helping get people out of hospital and back to their normal daily lives.

“It’s really exciting what’s happening in Wirral… Our aim is to help people self-manage, move on and take back control of their life again.” – Lucy Holmes, Macmillan

Assessments take place at venues across the borough where they will be able to help provide emotional support and practical help.

Trained advisers will also develop and tailor a programme of physical activity to reduce fatigue, anxiety and social isolation.

Listeners heard how there is up to a 60% reduction in the reoccurance of cancer if people exercise.

“We’re really excited to be working together. Wirral residents hopefully will improve their own general health and wellbeing as a result of the project.” – Dawn Miller, Macmillan

To speak to one of the programme’s clinical specialist, call the team on 0151 929 7705 or email

There is also a drop-in centre based at Arrowe Park hospital, a confidential helpline on 0151 552 1860 or you can email