Barney Schofield (Credit: The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre)

Cancer Centre to invest in Clatterbridge

Listeners have been told that The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre will continue to invest in its Wirral site despite some services moving to Liverpool.

It comes as the hospital celebrated the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service.

Deputy CEO, Barney Schofield, took to the airwaves to reassure patients and staff about the future of the site.

The NHS Foundation Trust is expanding into a new building in the city centre in 2020.

But Mr Schofield told presenter Steve Evans he is proud of the site in Clatterbridge Health Park and services such as radiotherapy, chemo, outpatient care and diagnostics will all continue to be provided locally.

“Listeners can be really reassuered that although our main inpatient bed base will be moving into Liverpool, everything else that happens currently on The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre site will remain provided on this site.” – Barney Schofield

Barney Schofield (Credit: The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre)
Barney Schofield (Credit: The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre)

Mr Schofield also revealed that the Wirral site will be redeveloped over the next three years in a £10m investment.

The outpatient clinic has already been expanded and the hospital is also welcoming new scanners and radiotherapy machines.

The centre, which celebrated its 60th birthday earlier this year, is currently the only place which provides a number of specialised cancer treatment in this country.

Speaking as part of Radio Clatterbridge’s own NHS 70 celebrations, Mr Schofield also paid tribute to the hundreds of staff who work in Clatterbridge.

“The entire workforce is motivated to do good to other people.” – Barney Schofield

Mr Schofield said cancer would have been considered to be a death sentence in 1948 when the health service was formed.

He added that the ongoing challenge is to develop additional staff and capacity to treat more people who are living longer and to enable The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to thrive in the future.