Debbie Montgomery from Age UK Wirral

Exercising bodies and minds

Older people in Wirral are being urged to stay healthy by exercising their bodies – and their minds.

Listeners to the Coffee Club programme have heard how a series of activities taking place locally can help them fire on all cylinders.

Debbie Montgomery, health and activity coordinator at Age UK Wirral, told presenter Steve Evans how there are a number of activities aimed at preventing falls.

“A lot of people think that once you get to 60 that you can’t do the same exercise anymore and they stop trying. But you should do more, not less.” – Debbie Montgomery

Listeners heard how a number of exercise classes take place at the charity’s centre at Meadowcroft, Bromborough.

They range from circuit training and Zumba Gold to dance classes and even chair-based exercises.

Either way, they have an instructor who will fit the exercise to suit each person.

Meanwhile, people can also exercise their brain by learning to play the ukulele, playing Srabble or learning how to use computers, tablets and smart phones.

All sessions can be paid for individually and people can even observe part of a class before deciding to take part.

“It’s very social. People always say it’s about making friends and getting out of the house.” – Debbie Montgomery

The charity also runs therapies including reflexology and chiropody while a team of volunteers also help people coming out of hospital.

For more information, call 0151 482 3456 or go to their website.