Robert Cray

Guitar legend Robert Cray praises The Beatles in Radio Clatterbridge interview

The legendary American guitarist Robert Cray has told Radio Clatterbridge how he was inspired to play music by listening to The Beatles.

The US singer-songwriter was speaking in a special interview for Jazz At The Bridge to promote his UK tour which comes to Merseyside next month.

Talking from a hotel room in Wilmington, North Carolina, the 65 year old told presenter Andy Bonner how he started playing the guitar when his family moved to Washington state in 1964 just as the Fab Four where hitting the big time in the US.

“I wanted to be a Beatle myself. I wanted to be like George Harrison. He was who I looked up to when I switched over from piano to guitar.” – Robert Cray

Robert Cray and friends
Robert Cray and friends

Considered one of the greatest guitarists of his generation, Cray’s soulful and creative guitar work has been a major force in blues and soul for over forty years.

A five-times Grammy winner, his most recent album, Robert Cray & Hi Rhythm, has been nominated for the Blues Music Awards.

The tracks were recorded at the fabled Royal Studios in Memphis with the family of guitarist Teenie Hodges.

“It’s just got so much history. The studio hasn’t changed an iota since the 1970s. There’s still the same dust on the walls!” – Robert Cray

Cray and the band
Cray and the band

Listeners heard about Cray’s early years touring and working with Albert Collins right through to the present day.

He has celebrated more than forty years writing or performing with everyone from Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan to John Lee Hooker.

Cray, who celebrated his 65th birthday last month, told Radio Clatterbridge he has no plans to retire as he is having too much fun.