Di Gaskell with Sophie Smith and John McWilliams from Wirral Advocacy Hub

More people using Wirral’s Advocacy Hub

Radio Clatterbridge listeners have heard how more and more health and social care professionals are training to understand how to support people who can’t make important decisions for themselves.

People such as social workers, nurses and doctors are being educated to consider how decisions need to be made in people’s best interests.

Speaking to the Coffee Club programme, Sophie Smith from the Wirral Advocacy Hub told presenter Di Gaskell how the organisation has trained more than 100 professionals in the last six months.

The step-by-step guide helps workers understand the law and what to look out for when dealing with people who lack mental capacity.

Advocacy aims to ensure everyone in society is able to have their voice heard on important issues to them and has their rights safeguarded.

“We’ve seen over 60% increase in statutory referrals in the last quarter so the word is spreading. But there’s still more vulnerable people who aren’t receiving this support.” – Sophie Smith

Colleague John McWilliams explained how the team visits the mental health unit at Springview in Clatterbridge four times a week.

He said that they assist people who can’t make decisions for themselves and have no appropriate friends or family.

“It’s quite fulfilling when you leave people in a better place than where you first found them. At the end of the day we’re there to help people.” – John McWilliams

The pair explained how the service has been nominated for a number of awards, including Best Service Of The Year and Outstanding Advocate Of The Year for Karen Blair, the manager of the Wirral Advocacy Hub.