Chester hypnotist Kevin Jay

Kevin Jay reveals secrets of hypnosis

A magician from Chester has told Radio Clatterbridge how he’s now being booked across the country after his hypnosis of a man went viral on YouTube.

Kevin Jay had only been performing his act for about 18 months when the video of him hypnotising the Nantwich man was picked up and shared by internet media company Unilad.

It has now been watched more than four million times.

“It just went from there. The clip was absoutely hilarious. He was a great subject but it wasn’t planned. We were just making it up as we went along!” – Kevin Jay

Kevin told Coffee Club presenters Ian Grant and Helen Sestan that he’s had enquiries from all over the UK and hundreds of friend requests on social media.

It means he’ll be working everywhere from Aberdeen to Essex.

A full-time magician for 10 years, Kevin explained how he became interested in hypnosis after seeing Robert Halpern perform when he was 16.

He finally trained with professional Ken Webster, who has worked at the same venue in Blackpool for more than 30 years.

“To be taught by somebody of that nature was an absolute feather in the cap. It was probably the most educating week of my life.” – Kevin Jay

He says he learned it is not about mind control or about disrespecting the subject but is just “loosening their inhibitions”.

Kevin still enjoys the magic, and even baffled Helen with a card trick in the studio.

But it is his skills as a hypnotist which have lead to his nationwide fame.