Geoff Peters, John Barnes and Paul Allt

John Barnes raps presenter over the knuckles for superstar claim

Former Liverpool and England international footballer John Barnes has rejected the idea that he is a soccer legend.

Presenter Paul Allt got a friendly ticking off when he suggested the Jamaican-born winger was a superstar during an interview on the Coffee Club.

The 55 year old, who lives in Wirral, visited the Radio Clatterbridge studios to tell listeners in the health park about his career.

“Jan Molby would tell you John Barnes doesn’t like the term legend. We’re all footballers who played for Liverpool. Some may have been better than others but we all contributed.”

John told hosts Paul Allt and Geoff Peters how he believes he was lucky to get spotted in an era before club academies.

He went on to enjoy a ten year career at LFC but despite twice being named Player of the Year he said he always preferred to win the league.

Now a commentator and pundit for ESPN, he criticised today’s top players for chasing bigger wages from other teams.

“I was never going to go to another club…. The sad thing is you see players in their prime at big clubs who want to go to other clubs mainly for the money.”

John retired from his playing career at the age of 36 and talked enthusiastically about Merseyside saying many other footballers settle in the area.

Listeners heard how he supports youth football in Wirral and Liverpool and last year he attended the Diamond Ball for The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

Paul and Geoff were surprised to hear how John played his first 18 months for England on his Jamaican passport often forcing team mates to wait while he cleared airport security.

“After Brexit they’ll think I’m an illegal alien! The players had to wait on a coach for about two hours for me.”

John also gave an insight into his roles on Strictly Come Dancing and Celebrity Big Brother.

But it was his rapping which provided a surprise sting in the tail.

While he said his parts on the Anfield Rap and World In Motion were just fun, his talent shone through on a secret recording of his version of the Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight…