Katie White and Di Gaskell

Food for thought

Coffee Club presenter Di Gaskell got to chew the fat with a local restauranteur who brought a feast of ideas into the studio.

Katie White has opened the Real Food Kitchen in Neston – a community project which aims give everyone some good basic nosh.

And we think Di, a life-long vegetarian, will be able to dine out on what she learned for some time to come.

Katie explained how she had previously owned a few restaurants with her mum and decided to return to the trade after neglecting her lifestyle.

“I’ve always been passionate about eating fresh food but only in the last few years have I realised how important it is to our day to day wellbeing.”

Katie, a pescatarian for 35 years, eats fish but not meat and worked in a macrobiotic vegan restaurant making meals based on fresh foods.

She lived in Majorca on 35 acres of land where she grew vegetables but admitted she got into bad eating habits.

So the mother-of-two changed her diet and lifestyle after suffering up to four migraines a week.

Now she’s using the lessons of the Mediterranean diet for the people of South Wirral and is hoping to create a community environment in the process.

“People don’t know how to cook… I learned cooking from my grandma. My mum is a big cook. Now I cook every night.“

Katie’s introducing cooking classes, tai chi, pilates, yoga, meditation, walking and even knitting to the business to expand the offering for local people.