Ian Grant and Helen Sestan with Korean Billy

Korean Billy comes to our ozzy

The man who made English students everywhere want to learn the phrase “I’m going the ozzy to see our kid” has finally visited our hospital.

Korean Billy is an internet sensation after his YouTube videos teaching the world how to speak Scouse went viral.

The vlogger, aka Seong-Jae Kong, developed an interest in our culture while studying at the University of Central Lancashire as an exchange student in 2015.

He lived in Preston but visited Merseyside a number of times and fell in love with the local slang.

“Even on the train to Liverpool I could start to pick up the accent. When I arrived I instantly found out about the different accent.”

So when we heard he was visiting from Seoul, we invited him over the water to sample the nuances of our own woolyback quirks.

Coffee Club presenters Ian Grant and Helen Sestan asked him all about his success after attracting hundreds of thousands of followers online.

He revealed how he made the videos while looking for work after graduating back in South Korea.

While he filmed them for his compatriots, it was Merseysiders who sent the recordings viral.

But despite his expertise, Billy said Liverpudlians often speak too fast for him to understand and he still can’t tell if they are angry or just passionate!

“The Scouse accent is really distinctive in the UK. It’s really interesting to hear them but I’m not a native speaker so sometimes its difficult to get what they actually feel.”

Billy’s favourite Scouse word is brekkie, so Ian and Helen took him down to the Asda for some scran after the show.