Di Gaskell with Craig McMahon

Former call centre worker Craig McMahon launches own record label

A Wirral musician has told Radio Clatterbridge how he’s followed his dream to set up his own record label.

Craig McMahon from Claughton created Yano Da! Records with his school friend Tom Critchley after realising they shared the same taste in music.

He told Coffee Club presenter Di Gaskell how they’ve been classed within the genre of new age independent labels.

The firm mentors new band The Jagz, who have previously appeared on Radio Clatterbridge, under an artist development contract.

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes being in bands so I’m trying to tell them what to do.”

Craig grew up in New Ferry and has written a number of songs about his local roots.

He got his first guitar for Christmas when he was 13 years old and got obsessed with learning how to play after his step dad showed him Dire Straits playing Sultans of Swing live.

He recalled watching Glastonbury on the television as a 16 year old and being inspired by the Arctic Monkeys and other northern bands.

Craig became lead guitarist for a number of bands and went on tour supporting Liverpool band Cast before evolving to become a singer-songwriter and now plays under the stage name of the band Rhine Valley.

Listeners were treated to a live studio set from Craig, including his song Job’s A Job which is about him working in a Birkenhead call centre on a minimum wage.