Jo Francis braves the shave for Clatterbridge

Jo’s hair-raising plan for Clatterbridge after husband’s cancer

A regular guest on the Coffee Club has braved the shave in aid of The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity.

Jo Francis, a colleague of our presenters Ian Grant and Helen Sestan, decided to lose her locks 18 months after husband Gareth was treated for testicular cancer at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

She went under the razor in front of shoppers at Asda in Liscard where she works as a community champion.

Meanwhile Gareth, who has now full recovered, had a full body wax.

The couple have raised more than £1,139 and Jo also donated her 17 inch-long hair to the Little Princess Trust which makes wigs for children who are having treatment for cancer.

Earlier, Jo joined Ian and Helen in the studio to talk about the challenge and the couple’s experience as they dealt with the cancer.

And she revealed it was part of their plan to spread the love in the year that they got married.

“I can remember bursting into tears and saying: I don’t know if I’m going to be marrying him or burying him. But here he is. We want to try and help as much and many people as we can throughout this year so that it makes it one of our best years yet.”

She advised listeners to make sure they check themselves regularly.

Helen described Jo as a “legend and a true inspiration”.