Jen Rhodes with Mandy Shepherd

Treasures of literature hidden in Clatterbridge

Listeners of the Coffee Club have been learning how a number of books have been concealed around the health park for people to find.

Jen Rhodes is the brains behind Wirral Look4aBook – a local version of an idea which has been taking off in other areas of the UK.

She popped down to the studio to talk to presenter Mandy Shepherd about the treasures hidden in Clatterbridge and beyond with the idea of spreading a little joy to the peninsular.

Jen explained how children and adults simply hide a pre-loved book in a sealable, reusable plastic bag with a note to the finder explaining they can take it away to read or pass on to someone else.

Once they have finished, they are encouraged to re-hide it or hide a new book in its place.

The group, which now has nearly 6,500 members of all ages, are asked to post a photo of any books they find on the Facebook page.

The mother-of-two explained how one of her sons is on the autism spectrum and was frustrated about running out of bedtime stories over the school holidays.

Jen said he adores the scheme.

“By hiding and finding books he had the excitement of being outside and the adventure that it brings as well as a new book at bedtime.”

Some of the books from Wirral have been re-hidden as far away as Greece and Canada in the hope that the idea will spread across the world.

It’s hoped patients and staff in the health park will be inspired to hide their own books around the site so others can enjoy them too.