Sylvia Briercliffe and her cycling friends

89 year old Sylvia, the recycled cyclist, hits the road again

Radio Clatterbridge’s favourite cycling granny has returned to the station to tell listeners about being named one of the top female cyclists in the country.

Sylvia Briercliffe, who is nearly 90, learned to ride at the age of three and returned to her passion in her ninth decade to raise money for Alzheimers and Live New Scene, a charity for disabled young people in Chester.

Cycling UK's Chris Alston tries out a trike with Sylvia
Cycling UK’s Chris Alston tries out a trike with Sylvia

She was named one in the 100 Women in Cycling 2019 by the charity Cycling UK for being so inspirational and getting others on their bikes.

She was nominated by development officer Chris Alston.

“Sylvia travels all over Wirral and beyond trying to encourage people to continue to cycle after retirement. I think she truly deserves this recognition for her passion and inspiring work.” – Chris Alston

Sylvia Briercliffe, the recycled cyclist
Sylvia Briercliffe, the recycled cyclist

Sylvia spoke to Coffee Club presenter Steve Evans about being invited to cycle in a procession through London with the other winners before being presented with something to thank them for their work.

“It was so exciting and terrifying. I got a special mention because I was the oldest!” – Sylvia Briercliffe

Sylvia now occasionally uses an electric bike but aims to continue cycling for as long as she can.

Update – January 2020

Steve was invited to help Sylvia celebrate her 90th birthday at the Live New Scene in Chester.

The celebrations started with cycling on the tarmac track around the adjacent football pitches.

He joined more than 50 service users and volunteer helpers.

Listen to what happened when he finally caught up with the birthday girl…