Kath Fowler with one of her messages

Note of hope for those struggling with mental health

A Wirral woman who lost her cousin through suicide has told Radio Clatterbridge why she thought it was important to remind other people that they are loved.

Kath Fowler sent the message to people in the health park who may be struggling with mental health issues.

Her cousin David took his own life last December and Kath wants other people to know that there are always alternatives.

In a powerful interview with Coffee Club presenter Steve Evans, she talked about how she left notes for people contemplating suicide on bridges across Merseyside.

“If it can save a life that’s great. But it’s to give families comfort as well.”

The notes included heartfelt messages such as “You are loved”, “You are not weak” and “The world needs more people like you.”

Kath explained how her family would have had comfort from knowing that David had at least read something positive in his final minutes.

One of Kath's notes
One of Kath’s notes

David, 41, was a much-loved musician and songwriter.

Kath told listeners how she wished she could have said many things to him before he died.

“He had such a kind heart and helped everyone. People said he lit up their day. It was just a shame we couldn’t return the favour.”

Kath was inundated with other people’s stories and messages of support after receiving publicity about her notes.

She hopes that by being open and talking about mental health, it may help other people in a similar position to her cousin.

Steve Evans with Kath Fowler in the studio
Steve Evans with Kath Fowler in the studio