Linda and Rachael from Wirral Wings

Wedding dresses transformed into gowns for babies “born asleep”

The Coffee Club has welcomed members of a Wirral group set up to transform wedding dresses into gowns for babies “born asleep”.

Wirral Wings began in October when founder Rachael Seager decided she wanted her dress to do some good after a bad marriage.

She told presenters Ian Grant and Helen Sestan how she wanted the material to be donated to bereaved families but was told that existing services could not cope with demand.

So she decided to set up a group herself.

Linda posted the idea on social media and within hours had a team of volunteers willing to help mothers still in the process of leaving hospital.

“I love our NHS because they saved my dad. They were brilliant with my kids. So I’m Team NHS all the way.” – Rachael Seager

Linda Priest was one of the first to join the self-funded group.

She lost her baby Mark sixteen years ago from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

He was just three months old.

Linda told the programme how she took her son’s death badly and blamed herself at the time.

She and the other members of the group are now able to help others in a similar position.

“It just hit home with all of us. Everyone on the team has got an angel baby. So we all know how they’re feeling.” – Linda Priest

One of the gowns made by Wirral Wings
One of the gowns made by Wirral Wings

Linda is now one of about 30 volunteers who supply gowns to Arrowe Park, the Countess of Chester and Liverpool Women’s hospitals.

They also make comforters, charms, memory pillows and other items for families to remember children of any age.

The pair explained how they listen to each individual’s private requests and make every gift bespoke to remember their baby by.

“We don’t want anybody to suffer on their own or feel alone.” – Linda Priest

Helen and Ian with Linda
Helen and Ian with Linda

The group has now started holding sessions with family members and hope to make it easier for people to broach the often taboo subject of stillbirth, neonatal and infant death.

For more details, go to the Wirral Wings Facebook page.