Thank you NHS: the message to health workers on the roads at Clatterbridge

Coronavirus won’t stop vital broadcasts

Radio Clatterbridge is continuing to broadcast as the health park adapts to dealing with the threat of coronavirus.

We are playing an important role in keeping staff and patients informed with the latest developments and advice.

Every hour, listeners can hear the latest NHS and government guidance to combat the virus while Sky News will continue to keep us up-to-date with what is happening at home and abroad.

We have also updated our hourly Community News bulletins, so that listeners get the most relevant information for the health park.


Steve Evans
Steve Evans

Our chairman has issued an open invitation to local groups.

“We are mindful of supporting your needs and will broadcast any relevant health and safety information concerning coronavirus. If any of our sponsors, partners or organisations on the Health Park or at Arrowe Park would like any information broadcast to staff, patients or visitors to the health park please contact us.” – Steve Evans, Chairman

During this difficult time, our programmes are more important than ever and our dedicated group of volunteers are also doing what they can to minimise the impact of social isolation on our broadcasts.

Whilst we have made some changes to our schedule, listeners will be reassured to learn that we are continuing to transmit around the clock.

We will be on hand to try and make the situation a little bit easier and playing your favourite songs to brighten up these dark days through the power of music.

In the meantime please keep safe and follow national guidelines in a bid to stay well.