Trish Finnegan

Former police officer from Raby Mere celebrates launch of new book, Blue Bird

A former local police officer spoke to Radio Clatterbridge listeners recently about the upcoming launch of her new book.

Trish Finnegan, from Raby Mere, has spent the entirety of her adult life here on the Wirral. An avid reader and creative writer, Trish met her husband, Paul, while working on the beat as a police officer. They spent many years as police officers serving the local community.

Living a retired life, Trish spends much of her time between looking after her family and dedicating herself to one of life’s biggest passions – writing.

Now, Trish has finally let her first novel fly from the nest, and her maiden novel, Blue Bird, is set to fly on the shelves on October 15th, 2020.

Described by a pre-reader as a “darker, grittier life on Mars with a Scouse accent”, the book is set during the hot summer of 1976. Samantha (Sam), Wyre Hall police station’s latest recruit, sinks her teeth into an investigation surrounding young, missing girls.

However, this is far from a simple “open and shut” case, going far deeper than anyone expected. The plot twists and turns throughout the book, and eventually, Sam uncovers information which threatens to expose divisions between the community and the police force itself.

As an ex-member of the force, Trish wanted to add her own twists to the popular crime and mystery genre. In particular, Trish told Radio Clatterbridge viewers about the need to return to ‘grass roots’.

Trish said: “I was irritated by the number of crime books that had DI this, and Superintendent that, and I am thinking, why are they all high ranking males? What about the grass roots? We did stuff as well!

“It was the times then, wasn’t it, and especially in the police. It was very male dominated… so that’s how Sam was born.”

Trish Finnegan’s book, Blue Bird

Nevertheless, Trish confirms Blue Bird not all without its light moments, and that Sam’s tale is not entirely based around her experiences as a police officer.

Trish told listeners: “It is all pure fiction, all from my imagination!

“Some of the lighter moments in the book have been influenced by funny things that happened during my career. I obviously haven’t used those experiences word for word, but they have influenced ideas.”

Writing may be Trish’s natural talent, but writing her first novel hasn’t come easy – especially since she has been looking after her grandchildren during the writing process!

Trish told Radio Clatterbridge: “I can’t write it all when the grandchildren are around. They’re still quite small and young… I have five, five and a half of them, so when I do look after them, I can’t write. I can’t even think!”

Bluebird is the first of Trish Finnegan’s novels to reach the shelves. Steve was one of the lucky first readers of Trish’s first book, and you can listen to his thoughts on the novel in our radio interview.

Should you wish to pick up Blue Bird, both paperback and Kindle versions are available for preorder.