Dave hangs up his headphones…for now!

One of Radio Clatterbridge’s best-loved presenters has hung up his headphones after 30 years on air.

Dave Adams has been a stalwart of Saturday mornings on the station since he first got involved in 1990 when he responded to an advert in the Wirral Globe asking for volunteers to come forward.

Dave explained: “I have always had a big interest in archive tv and had amassed quite a few television themes. I met Dave Williams, the presenter of the station’s Saturday morning show ‘Mid Morning Music’ and asked what I could bring to the station. I mentioned the themes, and from that day onwards, ‘Television Themes and Trivia’ was born!

“I was actually a reluctant presenter but eventually became Dave’s co-host and then took over the show in 1996. It became ‘The Saturday Crew’ and then ‘In the Mix’.”

Dave's former co-presenter Dave Williams returns to the studio
Dave with his former co-presenter Dave Williams

As the years went by, Dave grew in confidence, amassing skills and techniques which kept Radio Clatterbridge’s patients entertained.

But being on air did not always go to plan, explains Dave: “The most challenging time on-air was a special show reuniting three of the four Saturday presenters from 1973. The equipment was playing up, and my carefully crafted plan went out of the window!

“It was horrible because I could not play any of the archive segments I had. I asked more open questions which gave me time to find alternative music. It generated some wonderful reminiscences!”

Dave added: “My chair once collapsed whilst I was broadcasting and it was so sudden and unexpected, we were all laughing!

“Another time when I got the giggles was when current ward visitors Mandy Shepherd and Carol Croston collected requests as Christmas elves, with signs on their backs saying “National Elf Service”.

My chair once collapsed whilst I was broadcasting and it was so sudden and unexpected, we were all laughing!

Dave Adams

Dave’s years in hospital radio have brought him treasured memories, and he has even interviewed some famous faces.

“My most memorable time was presenting the station’s 60th-anniversary show in April 2011, when I interviewed the co-founder of Radio Clatterbridge, Monty Lister.

“Another favourite memory of mine was when the request team came back from the wards, having spoken to a patient called John McNeilly who was the other co-founder of Radio Clatterbridge. It turns out John had run the Port Sunlight Boys Club where the radio and request collecting had started. That really made me feel proud.”

Monty Lister helps celebrate Radio Clatterbridge's 60th birthday
Dave with station founder Monty Lister and members during the 60th birthday show in 2011

Over the years, Dave has held various roles including Chair, managing the request team and compiling the annual request chart.

Explaining his departure to stop presenting, Dave said: “I have started a new job during the lockdown and also a course equivalent to the first year at University. I need to free up my weekends, once lockdown is over, to get out and about.

“I was appointed President of Clatterbridge Hospitals League of Friends in 2020 and look forward to resuming that role.

And he insists he will be back at some point in the future: “I haven’t necessarily hung up my headphones forever but, after over 30 years on Saturday mornings, it is time to take an extended break.”

Dave Adams speaking for the League of Friends
Dave Adams speaking for the League of Friends

Radio Clatterbridge Chair, Steve Evans, said: “Dave had made an incredible contribution to the station over the last three decades and has always played an active role in its running, as well as being a presenter.

“It is great that he will be remaining as a member and hopefully we will see him back on the air at some point in the future.”

In the Mix, which is on air from 10am – midday every Saturday, is now being presented by members of the request team.

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